PolkaDot Blueberry MUFFIN Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Bar




polka dot magic Belgian chocolate

PolkaDot Chocolate Bar is a mushroom chocolate bar that originated from the famous Polka Dance. The shroom chocolate bar is also popular known as the Magic Belgian Chocolate. The polka dot mushroom chocolate bars are crave-worthy choco shrooms that helps you conquer your day and also make it adventurous. However, these experiences depends on the dosage the customer chooses to consume. Just like every other mushroom chocolate bar, the main ingredients used in the production of these polkadot chocolate bars are psilocybin and chocolate. Polka dot chocolate mushroom is very famous amongst fans of microdosing


  1. Gustavo Forastiere

    Absolutely amazing! Everything legit I had to come back after tasting one bite to get 4 more packages of BB Muffin for gifts.

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